Is to provide intensive early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder and to help their families grow and learn together by surrounding the child with a community of support and natural motivation so that the child can participate in society independently.

Our Unique Approach

At Eastside Social Skills Therapy, LLC we use evidenced-best practices to customize your child’s program to ensure that your child is receiving the best treatment possible. Our programs provide a balanced focus between social skills, language and communication, play, and teaching independent life skills such as potty training, getting dressed, and having a play date with a friend. We use visual schedules and behavior contracts to reduce anxiety that your child may have and we follow your child’s unique interests to help motivate them to learn new skills. The premise of our teachings are based upon the principals and science of Applied Behavior Analysis. We also provide parent coaching along the way so parents have tools and strategies that they can take with them throughout their child’s life beyond intervention. We begin our treatment in the family home where the child spends most of their daily living. Once a skill has been taught, we working on generalizing and mastering that skill by supporting those skills outside of the home via schools, scheduled playdates, and anywhere in the community where that skill can be used in a functional way.